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Exceptional Commercial Cleaners

Sparkling Kleen is a Sydney-based commercial cleaning service. Everything we do is focused on the principle of integrity, transparency and dedication. We understand that cleaning your premises at the highest standards is vitally important. Our work is geared towards an excellent outcome. Sparkling Kleen has been serving a wide range of clients throughout Sydney. Our lists of satisfied clients are a testament and proof of our high standard cleaning service which offer complete flexibility to meet the needs of each.


We are available 365 days, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. We are reachable and contactable, we guarantee you! So, if you need us, just call us.

Customize service

We offer a variety of cleaning services from which you can match your requirements. Cleaning services include carpet steam cleaning, pressure cleaning, floor and restoration, commercial cleaning, restaurant cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and construction cleaning. We also provide a detailed description of what the cleaning routine includes. Our cleaning program includes the basic tasks and some that are specifically tailored to your needs.

Our standards

Most of the cleaning services make long promises, but these standards have slipped away as times pass by. Sparkling Kleen is completely dedicated to standards of excellence anytime, anywhere. We only use a highly structured level of supervision so that the job is systematically approved to ensure it meets your requirements.

Latest machinery/ equipment

We invested on state of the art specialized cleaning equipment in order to maximize our efficiency and ensure a highest standard of work.

Our staff

All people can claim, but not all people have the ability to progressively and effectively clean. Our staffs are selected carefully based on the determination and willingness to complete a great job and to meet the standard of excellence. We are responsive and if you need to finish something, we are happy to do so. Our staffs are also hired thorough screening. They are all trustworthy, friendly and ready to answer all your enquiries and issues.

Staff Training

Sparkling Kleen has a highly structured training process for staff to ensure that each member has the skills to deliver incredibly effective cleaning services at all times. Everyone who works for us will be provided a high quality training and education with the full dedication of ethics, morality and practices.

Eco-friendly techniques

From our environmentally sensitive cleaning solutions to state of the art vacuum and cleaning equipments, everything has been treated to meet the different demands of our clients. We definitely take active steps to ensure our products and methods are safe and eco friendly.

Why choose us?

First of all, the quality of service is what we rely on, and not just on the contract to retain you as a client. Sparkling Kleen is worth hiring. We are confident enough in meeting the highest standards of service. Should you require a cleaning service, you will be scheduled in advance. Should you choose to cancel or reschedule our service, you may do so by simply calling us prior to your schedule. Quality has always been our number one goal. We ensure that everything we do is acceptable. For us, it is extremely important that we provide outstanding cleaning service because we want you to become our customer for life.