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Commercial Cleaning

A poor health rating during safety inspection will lead to a serious downturn in your business, while a high rating increases the revenue. Sparkling Kleen saves your time and money as also improves the safety and heath of your business space.

Welcome to Sparkling Kleen services

One of the largest specialists in commercial cleaning is Sparkling Kleen. We are part of the commercial cleaning service providers in Australia covering all major cities in Sydney. We have years of strong experience. Our goal is to assist the cleaning activity and to deep clean all the commercial areas as agreed. There are areas of a commercial which are missed by daily cleaning, and our cleaning service addresses all these areas whether its corporate office, retail store or restaurants. We also provide you a proof of due diligence to environmental health and safety.

Why choose us?

With years of experience and using our steaming cleaning system, we love to leave your space in a germ-free condition. With our special cleaning chemical and deep cleaners, the whole thing will come clean and spotless. We are very happy to arrange a cleaning contract with you that would not only meet the average standard of the healthy and safety environment team, but also go beyond the average ratings.

What will you expect from us?

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If you are looking for an experienced cleaning service that can provide premium tidying up of your commercial space, Sparkling Kleen is your best option. Contact us today at 1300 765 906 and our friendly representative will be in touch with you. Having a clean business area enriches the quality of the environment, increases the productivity of your employees and enhances your services to a higher level.