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Construction Cleaning

A clean up service for construction is different from a commercial or residential cleaning mainly because the work in nature is more laborious. There are more ladder works, heavy lifting and removal of debris. With all the dusts and debris left by construction workers, the newly renovated and refurbished place won’t look good – this is why you need us.

Hire an expert team for construction cleaning service

Sparkling Kleen consists of a team of professional cleaners . They are screened, insured and trained. Our staffs are uniformed and will arrive in teams along with our marked cars. We are very attentive to detail and treat your business with personal care. More importantly, we believe that the quality of the cleaning service is not just based on the promises, but it should be delivered and guaranteed. We earn your business not on contract but on relationship and trust. We take pride to do our service with guarantee that all jobs are done RIGHT the first time.

The following responsibilities of post construction cleaning services

Why hire us?

Affordable price

The truth is that, cleaning your premises alone is the cheapest of all. But, without a professional help, you will go a long way. The major reason behind the DIY is the cost factor. But due to the lack of knowledge, techniques and equipment, there could be some situations where you cannot do the job. So, a professional cleaner becomes a necessity in this scenario. We do not charge much. In fact, everything is reasonably priced. We are transparent in terms of costing and before we begin the contract, we are open to hear more from you.

Usage and the right application of the latest equipment

There is nothing better than providing an efficient method of cleaning. With the latest technology, the construction cleaning will be fast, efficient and advanced. We believe that the success of any business will also depend on how the company is willing to keep track and update their technologies.

Energizes all the premises

Messy and cluttered premises will contribute to sadden spirits. We battle the sadness by striving to learn and implement all the methods to establish a positive energy. We also eliminate health threats in a more efficient way.

A team of skilled professionals

We provide the best selection to give your premises a new and polished look after the construction. We are keen on observing every corner and some other details. We provide all construction areas with utmost cleanliness are not only on skills, but also through acquired experience. We work with wonders and give you a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Getting back to normal after the construction will be made easier with us. Keep in mind that providing you the best service is an investment itself. Letting us clean your area is the key to your success.