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Stripping and Sealing: Commercial Floor Cleaning

Hard floors can be painted concrete, safety vinyl, terracotta tiles, ceramic tiles, polished concrete, wooden flooring, and linoleum. Natural stones are ruled out from this list as they are dealt separately. Stripping and sealing hard floors is a process of removing layers of sealers, as well as cleaning and resealing the surface. Depending on the condition of the hard floor, this process may involve the removal of the top layer, the application of the new layer, and the resealing of all layers.

What do we guarantee?

We use fast-acting, safe and good quality floor stripping solutions that are designed to remove floor polishes. The stripper solution is applied to the floor, where sufficient time is allowed to soften the polish or seal. To remove the old layer of the sealer using a polisher, the vinyl floor is scrubbed. With a solution containing a PH neutralising additive, the surface is then neutralized and dried, completely ready for layer application of a high quality sealer.

Why Choose Us

At Sparkling Kleen, we take great pride in our uncompromisingly high ethical standards and professionalism towards our staffs, our clients and the products we use. We even provide support and services that meet and wherever possible go beyond their expectations. Strict quality control and fully detailed standards are maintained at all times.

For our staffs, respect is supreme. We provide full technical support, training and pay our staff accordingly to ensure that they remain part of our team. We also follow the best practices for occupational health, welfare and safety. We source the best equipment and technologies available, educate our people, and use biodegradable and environmentally sound cleaning consumables and products.

Incredible Team: We believe in a localized workforce with good communication skills, the most of our cleaners are dedicated, efficient and more importantly take rights. We are specific to site when it comes to cleaning specifications, which mean that we detain all aspects of cleaning for each site. All team members will wear a uniform with ID badges for optimum security as they enter your premises.

The best cleaning agents and latest technology: Sparkling Kleen invests in the most up-to-date equipment which provides efficient cleaning techniques for stripping and sealing with high quality outcomes. We also have options for environmentally friendly products used for hard floors, and biodegradable cleaning agents, which reduce the cleaning time and money, at the same time caring for the environment.

Excellent Management: Good cleaners with competent account managers allow a smooth running contract. Our core business is cleaning because it’s what we do well. Our goal is to provide an opportunity client to focus on their core business. All clients have a devoted Account Manager who deals with crucial link between cleaners and clients.

Innovation: We take pride on innovation and strive for improved efficiencies through latest technology and equipment used for stripping and sealing hard floors. We only buy the best and the most advanced equipment to maintain the high standards that we set.

We provide the full services required to maintain hard floors. With years in the cleaning industry, we are formed by experience and expertise to maintain your floors in pristine condition. From cleaning, to stripping, scrubbing, resealing, and buffing, we provide a customised program to ensure that your floors are protected and revitalised.